1985 LP - Electrecord 

Varianta în engleză a Interioarelor. Negativele sînt aceleași (mai puțin "Asta-i ușa", care e mai lung cu vreo 20 secunde, la sfîrșit) , iar coperta 1 e (greșit sau nu) în română, adică riguros identică "Interioarelor" românești (doar cu altă nuanță de culoare, mult mai urîtă). Am văzut și o variantă cu coperta țiplată, grafica identică, același cod. Pentru export, probabil :)
De remarcat talentul cu care Andrieș a reușit să adapteze textele în engleză încît să semene foarte bine cu cele românești dar și forma să fie acceptabilă. Sînt curios pentru ce piață a fost înregistrat și ce succes a avut.
Sînt sigur că am scos textele corect în proporție de 99,9%, cîntă mult, mult mai clar decît pe Country & Western, unde e o aventură.
A, și "She's gonna come..." n-o luați și voi à la lettre :))

Listă piese (LP):
  1. She's Gonna Come 3.14
  2. Chocolate Eyes 2.06
  3. The Park 2.43
  4. Let Me Be There Too 2.59
  5. Lazy Afternoon 2.36
  6. I've Got Two Umbrellas 3.10
  7. Where Are You Going, Pretty Lady ? 1.31
  8. Little Story 1.08
  9. Your Eyes 2.32
  10. Butterfly on the Wall 2.08
  11. Queen of Darkness 1.41
  12. Till Tomorrow 4.33
  13. Don't You Worry 2.34
  14. The Snow Is Falling 1.46
  15. The Door Is Open 2.03

LP față

LP verso

Mircea Marcovici - bass
Mihai Farcaș - drums, percussion
Garbis Dedeian - saxophone, clarinet
Maria Ioana Mîntulescu & Mircea Baniciu - backing vocals
Alexandru Andrieș - vocals, guitar, mouth harmonica, piano, Roland synthesizer

Harmonica solo on track 2 - Mihai Farcaș
Words, music, arrangements - Alexandru Andrieș

Executive Producer: Ștefan Cărpănceanu
Mixing Engineer: Theodor Negrescu
Cover design: Alexandru Andrieș

Well done !
One cannot help this exclamation, thus giving way to the sincere admiration that comes from listening - in ever-mounting wonder - to the 15 soul "Interiors" of Alexandru Andrieș. He is an outspoken yet sensitive universe, rippled by the subtle waves of metaphor...
This is not the first instance of an architect turning his hand to constructions in the realm of sound. It might prove difficult to ascribe his music to one particular style, since it covers a wide range of sound, from folk blues, ballad and song to bossa nova.
Beyond the complexity of expression (one does not have in mind only the present features, but the hundreds of songs Alexandru Andrieș performed over the years in clubs, at concerts and festivals), what lures, fascinates and overwhelms us in his music is the remarkable frankness, natural grace and genuine fluency.
The new quality of emotion originates in the happy association of sensitivity and intelligence, good taste and... the architectural sense of proportion, of course ! The intimate yet communicative touch of experience urges the listener to share the "interiors" of the musician's perception.
Any further attempt to explain the implications of these miniature sound-poems would frustrate the listener's own revelations... Therefore I shall just point out, besides the strange beauty of the lyrics, the outstanding quality of the music, unsophisticated yet highly efficient in its originality as it is; sound is enriched by an unfailing sense of harmony in luxuriantly vivid scores arranged by the singer himself.
In cutting this record, Electrecord acknowledges the popularity Alexandru Andrieș - like a true minstrel of our time - has earned on stage.